How We Do

Why Choose Us

With a cohesive team and comprehensive care, our clinic will provide the best care for your child and will work with you every step of the way.
Based in the heart of Johns Creek, our office provides a variety of services for their patients. Our team works as one to prevent and treat illnesses that may face your children.
It is the mission of Dare2Care Pediatrics to improve the lives of children by providing the highest quality care in the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of childhood disease and improve outcomes through research, training & education and advocacy.
We are not just any normal pediatric office. We work with all types of patients and provide many services including nutritional consultation, newborn services, and occupational therapy.


What Make Us Different

Continuity of Care
We come to the hospital within 24 hours of your child being born. And by we, we mean our pediatricians. Other places outsource this role to doctors who work at the hospital. You want your doctor to see your child directly following birth, not five days later, so your pediatrics office will have a complete medical history of your child from the beginning.
Late Night Worries
Your child might have croupe, colic, or a fall injury late a night. You may have no idea if it should warrant a trip to the ER, to urgent care, or a few hugs and back to bed. When you call, our doctors answers. The same doctors you see in the office take your phone calls at night, talk your questions and concerns, and will recommend to you some next steps. Seeing our doctors means you are covered around the clock, any time, every day.